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The Cosmos Foundation is a non-profit corporation that was established in Houston, Texas. Cosmos Foundation is organized and shall be operated exclusively for educational, scientific, and literary purposes. The Cosmos Foundation is dedicated to quality education and it promotes science, mathematics and educational technology in school environments. The Cosmos Foundation is the parent organization for Harmony Public Schools.

 Senada Rustic 7/16/2010
I want you to be aware of great school.That school is Harmony Science Academy-Dallas.I can tell you that I am very fortunate that my children attend this great school.My children have been at Harmony Science Academy-Dallas for 2 years and in that time they have accomplish much more than what they would in public school.Thanks to Faculty and staff at Harmony Science Academy-Dallas for caring for my children. 
 Melkam Desta 7/16/2010
I have two children that attend HSA-Dallas and I am more than satisfied with the school's performance. They assist students in anyway way they can and treat them like family. The students in this school have reached high academic goals due to the excellent teachers. 
 HSA Dallas Parent 7/15/2010
I have a child who is attending HSA in Dallas and I can proudly say that she has achieved so much; Thank You all for supporting not only my child but all children who attend these schools!!! 

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 February 17, Friday
4th Six Weeks Ends
 February 20, Monday
Staff Development Day
 February 21, Tuesday
5th Six Weeks Begins
 February 24, Friday
Parent-Teacher Conference/Early Dismissial
 March 12, Monday
Spring Break (no classes)


Harmony Science Academy - Dallas is established and operated by Cosmos Foundation - Harmony Public Schools (harmonytx.org)